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“Labelism” the new game of choice for the self-righteous

March 28, 2011

We are a Nation of protests, everyone has a gripe, an axe to grind or something or someone to oppose that sets them apart for some case of personal liberte’. And that is our right. But it has no place among Christians
when it places party above Christian Brotherhood. Labeling is often no more that guilt by association, and it’s purpose is to divide and provide cover for those who believe their view is more correct and of greater value than someone else’s. The Bible clearly warns us agaist disharmony and to avoid those who cause divisions. The only true value and the only righteousness we can claim is thru Jesus Christ. Whatever competes in us against His will can become an idol. His will is that we believe in Him and love one another. If the world wants to bite, devour and oppose each other in a struggle to prove themselves somehow wiser, they are just ignorant of the fact that God judges the wisdom of man as “foolishness” .


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