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Fenelon on Recreation

May 16, 2011

You should not feel troubled, it seems to me, about the diversions in which you cannot avoid taking part. There are many people who want to make the worst of everything, and who are upset continually, increasing their loathing of the amusements which they have to endure. For myself, I confess that I could not agree to this rigidity. I prefer greater simplicity, and I believe that God Himself much prefers it. When pleasures are harmless in themselves, and when we take part in them because of the obligations of the state into which Providence has called us, then I believe that it is enough to take part in them with moderation, and in the sight of God. More severe, more constrained, less agreeable and disarming manners would only give a false idea of piety to the people of the world, who are already only too prejudiced against it, and who would think that a person can only serve God by a grim and gloomy life.

I conclude, therefore, that when God places us in certain positions which obligate us to take part in everything, as in the place where you are, the only thing to do is to live in peace without constantly quibbling about the secret motives which can unconsciously slip into the heart. We should never finish if we wanted constantly to sound the bottom of our hearts; and in wanting to escape from self in the search for God, we should be too preoccupied with self in such frequent examinations. Let us go in simplicity of heart, in the peace and the joy, which are the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Whoever goes forward in the presence of God in the most trivial matters ceases not to perform God’s work, although he appears to do nothing important or serious. I suppose that we are always in the order of God and that we are following God’s rules for our condition in doing these trivial things.

God bless,

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  1. Ira Bruce Stark permalink
    June 11, 2011 9:06 am

    If in this matter I were to err, as most likely I will in at least someone’s opinion, then definitely and strongly I prefer to err on the side of – RED HOT – ZESTY SALT – BRILLIANT LIGHT.! As opposed to being LAODICEAN and indistinguishable from a dying world and with the appearances of being ashamed of my Saviour.!

    With the winning of the popularity contest may go ones salvation.?

    Preach, my brother, as never sure to preach again and as a dying man to dying men.!

    And surely you will not win the popularity contest, – only souls.!

  2. Greg permalink
    June 16, 2011 5:48 pm

    Steer the course dear Brothers, full steam ahead, and d— the torpedos of liberals and the Word of God compromisers, our objective is the Kingdom of God, not the popularity of man.

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