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The elders of the Colonial Frontier Church participating in this online forum are:

Greg Humphries
Mark Brooks, Ordained
Bruce Stark
Travis Garris
Johnny Weeks
Bill Dolack
Dave Purcell, Ordained

Welcome to the official blog of the Colonial Frontier Church in Augusta County, Virginia (to visit the website, click HERE). Formed in 2004, this church honors the early pioneers who brought Christianity to Augusta County, the Shenandoah Valley, and Virgina.

To give you an idea of how the Colonial Frontier Church has accomplished this is the past, below is our 2006 schedule of historic reenactments. Although we are not doing these at present, they remain a popular part of our ministry lore:

March 18

Disaster at Sandy Creek

Spend the 250th Anniversary of the Sandy Creek Expedition with the Colonial Frontier Church as we conduct a “trial” to determine who was to blame for this disastrous mission into Indian territory that ended with theft, starvation, and desertion.

Col. Andrew Lewis, Capt. Charles Lewis, Capt. William Preston, Parson John Craig, and Yellow Bird

Feb. 18 through mid March, 1756

April 22

Waynesboro to Appomattox: The Civil War’s Final Weeks

Four participants of the Battle of Waynesboro–two Union, two Confederate–share their views of this decisive battle and the South’s surrender at Appomattox.

Sam Houston, Gen. Jubal Early, Parson Sam Chapman, Gen. George Armstrong Custer, Sgt. James Madison

March 2-April 9, 1865

June 17

A Rift in Paradise: the Lewis/Patton Feud

What seemed to be the idyllic settlement in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley soon erupted into a political and religious feud.

John Lewis, James Patton, John Craig, Samuel Davies


August 15

Women Heroes of the Augusta Indian Wars

Life on the wild frontier was hard for the women who faced everything from illness to Indians. Hear the stories of several women taken captive during the Indian wars in Augusta County.

Mary Ingles, Lydia Painter, Ann Clendenin, Chief Cornstalk


October 19

1774: Augusta Militia Betrayed

The opening shots of the Revolutionary War take place at Point Pleasant as the Augusta County militia is betrayed into the hands of the Indian confederacy by Virginia Gov. Dunmore.

Gov. Dunmore, Col. William Fleming, Col. Andrew Lewis, Col. Charles Lewis, Chief Cornstalk Oct. 10, 1774

Other Performances

We are working on two one-man performances featuring the Rev. George Whitefield and Lorenzo Dow. Please check back for more information.

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